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The BASE Asset Tracker (BAT) a multi-user, multi-tasking system designed for Asset management. It consists of an easy-to-use graphical user interface and a fast and reliable networking database. BBO can run on any database system which support ANSI standard like oracle, Ms Sql Server, MySql and so on.

BASE Asset Tracker allows you to maintain records of all your company (or personal) possessions. It can be used for tax or insurance purposes, or simply because you would like to keep track of what you own. You can instantly see all items that belong to a particular location, room, department or category by clicking within the Location or Category tree window.

The system is extremely comprehensive and includes all the following functions:

       Asset Registration .
       Location and department setup.
       Employee information Setup.
       Depreciation calculation .
       Maintenance of the asset .
        Rent .
        Security .
       Backup / Restore .
       Interface to BAR code system.

Feature List

        Attach up to 4 pictures to each of your records by scanning, pasting  or importing them. .
       Attach files and links to your records. Click on the attachment link to visit the specified              website address or  launch the attached file.
       Multi-User ready.
       Create custom queries using the Query Manager
       Several different print report formats, and a print preview function- see how your              documents will look  before you put them on paper..
       Check when warranties expire on catalogued items.
       Track expenses related to an item.
       The integrated Report Designer lets you create Reports, Labels & File Cards.
       Track changes in an item's location or status.
       Calculate depreciation. BAT can calculate an item's depreciation  using Straight-Line,              Sum of Years Digits, Double-Declining  Balance, 150% Declining Balance and              Percentage per Year depreciation methods.

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