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       Its allow to setup virtually unlimited number of cinema hall under a  multiplex
       Its allow to setup up to nine different seat category for each cinema  hall.
       Its allow to set up different pricing policy for each cinema hall, one  can create virtually              unlimited pricing policy for individual cinema  hall
       Its provide the facility to set up the seat plan for individual hall and  individual seat category              ( classes).its can support virtually unlimited number of seat for each seat category , and              allow grid based custom  seat plan setup.

Movie Programming:

       It's having sophisticated movie programming process through which one can program a              particular movie to hall for a particular show  time.
       One can view programmed movie graphically for particular date.

Cashier Functions:

       Movie renting , purchasing process from a distributor.
       Payment management for distributor.
       Cash transfer from the ticket/concession selling counter.
       Concession product purchase.

Member management system :

       Different type member ship type creation process with the applicable  policy.
       Sophisticated member application recording system.
       Automatic member ID generation system.
       Member activation process after delivering the member card.

Ticket Selling :

       Easy to use sales terminal.
       It support group sale i.e. sale could be made on different programmed  feature for different              show time or  for different seat category.
       Its support cash, cheque, credit card , or gift card for payment.
       Seat could be retrieve automatically or visually from the grid  presentation.
       Sold ticket could be refunded if nay time it required.

Ticket booking :

       Its allow to make booking of ticket over the phone , its have  sophisticated member              verification process which will be used make  recognition of member
       For booking and/or collecting ticket member card / additional card could be used.
       Its allow to cancel booked ticket.

Point of Sale:

       Easy-to-grasp screens deliver faster, smoother sales
       Process payments, layaways and work orders
       Accept multi-tenders, credit cards, coupons, gift vouchers or  cheques

Quick, Comprehensive, Flexible Reports:

       Know exactly what was sold in any department at any given date or time.
       Know exactly what sold best in every department, category and season.
       Preview, print, or export data in multiple formats.


       Sophisticated user management system.
       Task level security could be assigned to a particular user to  authenticate.
       Every screen could have security to protect : save, update, delete  operation.

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