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The BASE Financial Analyzer is a multi-user, multi-tasking financial analyzing system. It is a web-based application and platform independent. It consists of an easy-to-use graphical user interface, with fast and reliable networking database. It can run on any database system, which support ANSI standard (like ORACLE, Ms SQL server, MySql).

This system is essential for all corporate who wants to analyze the corporate performance. The system is extremely comprehensive and includes all of the following function:

       Balance Sheet (both for Bank and corporate).
       Income Statement (both for Bank and corporate).
       Direct Cash Flow (both for Bank and corporate).
       Indirect Cash Flow (both for Bank and corporate).
       Expenses (both for Bank and corporate).
       Projected Balance Sheet.
       Projected Income Statement.
       Projected Cash Flow.
       Projected Cash Flow.
       All Liquidity Ratio Analysis.
       All Leverage Ratio Analysis.
       All Activity Ratio Analysis.
       All Profitability Ratio Analysis.
       All Efficiency Ratio Analysis.
       Z-score calculation .
       Y-score calculation .
       Break Even Analysis.
       ROE, Future Value, Present Value.
       Capital Budgeting (like Pay Back Period, NPV, IRR).
       Cash Budgeting.
       Direct Material Requirement Budget.
       Factory Overhead Budget.
       Direct Material Purchase Budget.
       Indirect Material Purchase Budget.
       Expense Control Analysis (like Marketing, Administrative, Factory Overhead).
       Sales Target Analysis.
       Production Analysis.

Key Benefits:

       Sophisticated user management system.
       Up to the button level security could be assign to a particular user.
       Customized Report.
       All type Analysis Report.

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