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Power, Speed and Flexibility at the Point-of-Sale:

       Easy-to-grasp screens deliver faster, smoother sales multiplex
       Process payments, layaways and work orders
       Accept multi-tenders, credit cards, coupons, gift vouchers or  cheques

Any Inventory. Any Store. Any Chain!

       Hard goods, soft goods, services, grocery and convenience items .
       Serialized items and multiple serial numbers.
       Unlimited number of inventory items and transactions.

Enhance Customers' Shopping Experience

       Can make every customer feel like a valued friend by keeping customer records as              complete as you like them.

Save Your Time and Money

       Installs and sets up easily. POS functions can be learnt in 15  minutes!.
       Automate inventory management: reduce shrinkage and slow moving  items!.

Customizable Management Tools

       Easily reconfigured POS screens to display what your clerks need..
       Exploitable flexible pricing structures for markups and discounts.
       Set up new sales and promotions fast-in several ways.

Quick, Comprehensive, Flexible Reports

       Know exactly what was sold in any department at any given date or  time
       Track ROI from your ads, mailings, promotions, sales and discounts
       Preview, print, or export data in multiple formats

Unlimited Line Item Entry

       Allow to sell unlimited items in one transaction.

Detailed Customer Information

       Customer information right on the transaction screen, including account number, total              sales, number of visits and date of last visit..

Retail Rounding

       Allows you to round all updated prices to customary retail values based on rounding rules              that you specify.

Advanced Security Features

       BASE Retailer incorporates tight security controls and restricts employee access to              sensitive information.

BARCODE Designer

       It features speed up the way you process and print labels. Label Designer lets you easil              design your own WYSIWYG label  templates.


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