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The volume of electronic content and communications is growing exponentially in organizations at a time when the world is becoming increasingly concerned with compliance, transparency and risk mitigation. Stakeholders are demanding 24/7 access to relevant business information and self-service portals. Enterprise business content has become both an asset and a liability.

Organizations need to leverage technology to meet business continuity and corporate governance requirements for making business content traceable, secure and auditable. This challenge can be addressed by implementing an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. ECM manages content from different enterprise applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and enterprise portals. It adds intelligence that makes search and retrieval faster and more efficient.

An effective content management system provides you:

   An effective mechanism to manage information and avoid information overload.
   Enhanced productivity by giving you the ability to access and provide relevant  information          quickly to takeholders.
   Personalization of content based on the needs of stakeholders.
   Increased focus on cost and revenue management through reduction of manual and          redundant processes.
   Reduced risk by ensuring information security and regulatory compliance.

We help you:

Based on our research and insights gained through such initiatives, we provide our clients with the following service offerings:

   Manage the entire life cycle of content - acquisition, storage, management,  processing,          archiving and retiring.
   Implement a comprehensive solution incorporating business process          management, content management and application integration.

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