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Business Intelligence and data warehousing:

Smart enterprises use information to deliver superior business results and to gain a strategic edge over competition. Proliferation in data volumes, complexity of data sources along with real-time information requirements demand fresh approaches to designing business intelligence solutions. The challenges of designing high performance data warehousing environments that meet the varying and evolving demands of businesses require exceptional skills.

The DW and BI group distills information from projects executed, identifies technology trends and provides thought leadership to the entire organization. The group sets direction, refines methodologies and processes for data warehouse development and shares best practices. The group is also involved in the research of areas relevant to businesses today.

Research Areas:

    Performance Management High performance corporations all use information to           differentiate themselves from the competition. Defining strategy, translating strategy to           measurable objectives and effectively managing performance requires careful integration,           using a set of metrics, processes and tools.Regulatory compliance demands have fuelled           the demand for performance management.

    Very Large Data Warehouses With complex data sources and explosion in data volumes,           the volumes of data required to be stored in a data warehouse is growing at a frantic pace.           Terabyte size data  warehouses are very common these days. The impact of this on DW           environments span architecture, hardware platforms, storage systems, tool selection, data           modeling, ETL and end-user reporting. Fresh approaches are required to scale the data           warehouse gracefully and optimize  performance.

    Business Analytics Leveraging business data can be a challenge for companies that  need           to respond to rapidly evolving markets and changing customer dynamics.The goal of           high-end business analytics is to turn individually useful, but often marginalized data           resources, into something that lets business managers immediately grasp the dynamic           state of their business. The areas researched currently include supply chain and customer           analytics.

    Technology Selection Today's marketplace is crowded with numerous vendors and            products, often with competing claims. With many new entrants and varying degrees of           product maturity, cutting through the maze is never easy. Technology  too is constantly           evolving and multiple choices and architectures are available to suit multiple requirements.

    Information Quality Many data warehousing initiatives fail due to poor data quality. It is           important to define data quality from the customer's perspective and then define           architecture and processes to effectively manage this. This includes preventing recurrence           of data defects as well as implementing data cleansing routines.

    Managing Data Warehousing Environments Building a data warehouse is only one part of           the story. A right environment is critical to effect transformation by utilizing  this information           efficiently and effectively. This includes understanding critical success factors, ensuring           management support, identifying risks and  preparing mitigation plans and putting in place           proper data governance and stewardship programs.

Service offering

Based on our research and insights gained through such initiatives, we provide our clients with the following service offerings:

    Data Warehouse Implementation
    Data Warehouse Maintenance Service
    Data Warehouse Performance Evaluation Service

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