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"You are what you use, not what you own"

We help our customers to use more of what they own, so that they leverage value, not just keep on making investments. It is clear that there are opportunities for the innovation of new services, to improve existing services and explore new markets. BASE uses web services and SOA to help customer move applications from the core of the enterprise to the edge to reap the business benefits such as,

   Reduction of operating and maintenance costs.
   Improved operational visibility.
   Seamless interaction with business partners and customers.
   Tapping new business models.
   Building application with services in mind.

BASE key strength

   Implemented Web Services using , BEA WebLogic, WebSphere, SunOne, .NET, Oracle and         Tomcat.
   Manufacturing, Telecom, Retail, Insurance, Finance, Embedded and Automotive industry         implementations.
   Interoperability testing.
   Alliances with leading technology vendors - BEA, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle,  webMethods,         Amberpoint and Infravio.

We also provide statistical and comparative analysis of the mobile performance of a product across its lifecycle and across lifecycles of different products. Clients have benefited by our complete problem management solutions and product lifecycle tracking solutions

Web services and SOA solution suite

Wipro offers a broad spectrum of services around web services and SOA
   Legacy modernization.
   Web services enabling & application development.
   Web services B2B solutions.
   Web services management & security .
   Global data synchronization services.

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